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 If you are missing one or more teeth, have a tooth that is broken, or have a cracked tooth, dental crowns and bridges can help improve the appearance of your smile. At Smile Practice Family Dentistry, your trusted dentist in Tamarac, we offer you dental crowns, dental bridges and a wide range of cosmetic procedures for your entire family for any major cosmetic issues that you may be dealing with. We want to help you improve your smile simply and efficiently.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a durable prosthetic that protects your teeth and enhances the appearance of your smile. Crowns are similar to dentures, but they are made from a different material and can easily be taken out for cleaning or replaced when necessary. Because it covers and shields the teeth like a protective helmet, a dental crown is an ideal treatment for a weak tooth. Dental crowns allow us to preserve as much of your natural teeth structure as possible, which is our goal. We can cover a broken tooth with a crown to restore function and beauty while maintaining your oral health rather than removing it.

What do we offer? 

We, at Smile Practice Family Dentistry, offer dental crowns that can be made especially for your unique case creating a custom crown that provides you with the most comfort and health-promoting results possible. Come visit us at our dental office in Tamarac, we have the most trustworthy professionals in the area.

To reinforce and protect the teeth from any injury, our Dr. Yanela Gonzalez here at Smile Practice Family Dentistry can recommend a dental crown if a large portion of the teeth has been compromised.

Dental crowns are one of the most popular treatments in dentistry today. The reason they are so popular is that they deliver a long-lasting improvement to your smile at a minimal cost.


  • Before the procedure, you’ll need to remove all your teeth and place a temporary metal crown on your natural teeth. 
  • Then you’ll get a root canal treatment before receiving your permanent crown or bridge. 
  • You may need more than one procedure to cover your missing teeth or restore them to full health.

We are the best option for you in South Florida, and we can provide you with the best outcomes. Come to our office based in Tamarac for a consultation, contact us at (754) 222-4874

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