Perfect Teeth Wedding Day

Go for a Consultation

Start early, so you’re not scrambling right before the wedding. Veneers can take two to three months, and orthodontic treatments like straightening and
realignment can take up to a year.

Get a Cleaning
You shouldn’t whiten your teeth without cleaning them Start Whitening.

Don’t leave whitening until the last minute! The whitening process generally takes at least one to two weeks.

Perfect teeth wedding day

Maintain Your Oral Health at Home
Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, Clean between teeth regularly to remove plaque. Use dental floss, a special brush, or water flosser to maintain your oral hygiene.

Follow the White Smile Diet
Munching on crunchy snacks like apples or celery is as effective as a brushing.

Avoid Harmful Smoke
Don’t smoke. Smoking increases your chance of gum disease and stains your teeth.

Be Mindful of Your Mouthwash
A colorless alcohol-free mouthwash is best for keeping your pearly whites gleaming.

Sip Smartly
Sip your coffee or latte through a straw to avoid direct contact with teeth.

Consider Quick Fixes
A true red lipstick shows off your pearly whites the best, and rose, pink, and sheer colors also offer good contrast.

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