Don't Hide Behind a Dull Smile!

Our convenient teeth whitening options produce brilliant results and leave you with a smile you’re proud to show off! Would you like a brighter smile that helps you look more youthful and boosts your confidence? At Smile Practice Family Dentistry, professional teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic dental procedures, and with good reason. This simple cosmetic treatment is one of the easiest ways to eliminate or reduce unsightly stains that are the result of aging and certain types foods or beverages we consume.

You may be tempted to try store-bought whitening products because they seem like a fast, inexpensive approach. But professional whitening has several advantages over the alternatives:

  • There is no downtime. We can perform your in-office whitening during your lunch hour.
  • We customize the process according to your sensitivity level and esthetic goals.
  • Professional whitening products provide faster results that last longer.

Convenient Whitening Options

Obviously, everyone has different needs and expectations, so we offer two types of whitening products for your convenience:

  • Zoom! in-office whitening is a fast and easy procedure that produces dramatic whitening during a one-hour appointment. You will leave our office with a fresher, more youthful smile that’s about eight shades brighter.
  • If you don’t have time to sit for a whitening treatment at our office, we also offer Zoom! professional take-home whitening kits. Your kit includes whitening gel and a customized tray that produces far better results than generic trays that may not cover all surfaces of your teeth evenly. Just place the gel in the trays and wear daily for about 20 minutes. After two weeks, you will see results similar to those of in-office treatment.

Many patients have found that the combination of an in-office treatment followed by two weeks of at-home whitening produces the most dramatic long-term results.

Start with a Healthy Smile

We strongly recommend that you address any dental conditions before whitening. There are other reasons for tooth discoloration, such as abscessed teeth, decay, and root canal problems. Whitening can mask these discolorations but not resolve the problem.

When we know your teeth are healthy, we will perform a thorough professional dental cleaning. This procedure will eliminate plaque and tartar that can linger on your teeth and lead to uneven whitening. The results are healthier, brighter teeth that look great and boost your self-confidence.

After whitening, maintain the beautiful results by brushing and flossing twice a day and avoiding coffee, tea, colas, and other foods that stain your teeth. We also recommend using your trays and leftover gel to perform periodic touch-ups at home.

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