Tooth-Colored Fillings

State-of-the-Art Dental Fillings

Our goal is to do everything possible to make sure you enjoy a whole and healthy smile for as long as possible. However, teeth do break down over time or become damaged because of decay or infection.

In this case, we can offer you the practical and cosmetic benefits of tooth-colored composite fillings. At Smile Practice Family Dentistry, we believe we can provide the best care when we stay current with advances in dentistry.

Tooth-colored fillings are an example of an updated dental material that looks natural and benefits your oral health. No more dark metal fillings to mark your smile!

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

The material used for tooth-colored fillings is made of glass and resin particles. This combination gives composite fillings an appearance that looks very close to natural dental enamel.

As the name implies, tooth-colored fillings can be shaded to match your natural enamel to blend seamlessly with your smile. When we finish the process, even you might not be able to find the repair!

A Healthy Solution for Damaged Teeth

When a dentist places a metal amalgam (silver) filling, decay is removed, and space must be created to hold the filling. The amalgam is then placed in the prepared area but does not bond with your teeth. This can cause the filling to expand and contract with heat and cold, leading to fractures and broken fillings. Not to mention the big dark spot that’s visible when you smile!

On the other hand, the process we use for placing a tooth-colored filling involves bonding the material directly to the structure of your tooth using a special curing light. Since composites are bonded to your tooth, they won’t expand and contract, making them a healthier choice for your teeth.

When we customize the shade of the composite to match your natural enamel, the result is a strong, durable, repair that looks great and won’t mar your smile.

Dental Bonding with Composites

Another tremendous advantage of using tooth-colored composite material is that we can also repair teeth with minor cosmetic issues like chips, cracks, and uneven spaces between teeth.

Dr. Gonzalez uses the composite material to expertly build up sections of a tooth and alter its shape, size, or appearance. The process is not complicated, and we can often treat several teeth during a single appointment. This makes dental bonding an excellent alternative to more costly treatments like veneers.

Are You Happy With Your Smile?

It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you know your smile doesn’t look healthy. Whether you have cavities that we need to treat or cosmetic issues you would like to correct, please call our Tamarac, FL dental office to arrange a consultation. We will be happy to evaluate your situation and see if bonding or tooth-colored fillings are the best choice for you.

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